RNA Afternoon Tea in York

Yesterday was the RNA’s first Afternoon Tea held ‘up North’ in the beautiful city of York. Being a Northern girl myself, living and working in East Yorkshire, hopping across to York was just a 45 minute car journey although, as there was a glass of Prosecco included in the ticket, I decided to go by public transport! This was my first RNA event and so wasn’t really sure what to expect. Wow!  What a fabulous afternoon. It was fantastic to meet so many like-minded people – a real mix of newbies, like myself, and published writers. What was even more amazing was to find that, having mingled a little at the start (always a nerve wracking thing for me to do, although everyone was so friendly it was really quite painless) my friend and I sat down on a random table and found ourselves sitting next to two people who live in the same market town of Beverley as us!  We decided there and then to try and set up a ‘chapter’ here in East Yorkshire

My writer friend Detty, and I, enjoying the RNA Afternoon Tea in York

My writer friend Detty, and I, enjoying the RNA Afternoon Tea in York

, where RNA members, and non-members, meet up on a regular basis to offer support and advice to each other.  We even got to meet Katie Fford, a lovely woman and such a thrill to meet her. I was so inspired that I’ve come home, cracked on with my WIP and decided to update this sorely neglected blog, determined to take the plunge, promote myself and update it regularly.  Here goes…..


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