Patience is a virtue…

Follow Detty’s progress as an aspiring author who has just pressed that nerve-wracking ‘submit’ button on her latest novel.

Detty Tyler Aspiring Author


I suppose the big news this month for me is that I have now submitted Safe and, although I’m sure I have many qualities; unfortunately patience isn’t one of them.   However, once you’ve pressed the SUBMIT button, the fact remains there is little to do but wait, and so my test begins.

Luckily there is still plenty for me to do as I continue my edits, with invaluable feedback now coming in from all my wonderful readers (ten so far), who have given me their thoughts, suggestions and general feelings about the book.  This has been interesting, as some of their views were the complete polar opposite of each other, which made me realise how important it is that you understand why you’re writing the story in the first place, what is its’ purpose from your own point of view, particularly regarding your potential audience.  Luckily for me they all…

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